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Where will you dispose of the old battery? You might consider the degree of unanimity on, say, this forum.: Does anyone happen to know the thread size of the positive battery terminal?

Anyone happen to know the size of the nut that tightens the terminal to the battery post? Canadian Tire stores or at other locations designated by Canadian Tire. The server did not respond in time. With one harness no issues.

Also with the bus bars on most cells looking very thin and probably needing to be doubled up unless I buy or make my own.

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Note: we recommend the use of hex nuts to be compliant with ABYC and USCG regulations. Does anyone know the size or a link to where I can purchase replacements? These points of interest incorporate expanded electrical conductivity, expanded consumption opposition, and decreased lead expulsion costs. Looks like a metric size.

It goes to show you the importance of good battery terminal contact for proper starting. Keeping this in consideration, can stainless steel be used as a ground? Come join the discussion about duramax engines, performance, builds, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! But if not specific to those are made from. Sorry, this service is unavailable.

Copper terminals are created to resist and fight corrosion.

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If you want a smooth installation of your battery cables, get yourself a lead type terminal. This is not specific to stainless but stainless is very prone to it. This will usually save a stripped battery.

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